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Circus rugs are inspired by the fascinating and fantastical worlds of the tent and the targets used.​​ by performers and acrobats in their shows.


Concentric bands of different colors, from the softest - gray / blue and gray / burgundy - to the most vibrant and varied - gray / burgundy / melange / forest green / blue and gray / blue / forest green / olive green - create a color fascinating effect that dialogues with dining and seating furniture in more discreet settings or more eclectic compositions.



The Circus is made of polypropylene manual loom yarn: a high-tech material that guarantees the UV stability of colors, versatility and resistance; It also respects human health and, as it is 100% recyclable and has a low environmental impact, it is ecologically correct.



Diam 300 cm

CASSINA Circus Round

SKU: Cassina
€5,282.00 Regular Price
€2,641.00Sale Price
Color: Gray Blue Green and Olive Green
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