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Charlotte Perriand began working on the tables en forme libre in 1938. Originally intended for her own atelier in the Montparnasse area of central Paris, they went into production courtesy of Galerie Steph Simon in the late 1950s. All rounded edges and lines asymmetrical, these tables are perfectly suited to accommodate up to eight guests in small spaces. The table has three legs: one is oval with a wider grip, the other two are smaller and cylinder-shaped. In 2011, Cassina reissued this piece, reducing the width of the legs to provide more space and allow guests to sit closer together on convivial occasions. Supplied in solid mahogany wood, the table also comes with a glossy or matte varnished finish, in the colors of Cassina Moodboard. The table top is made up of wooden staves that fit together, the joints being seen at the ends, attesting to Cassina's exceptional carpentry skill; any variations in the wood are part of the raw material's very nature and serve to enhance its inherent beauty.


D: 236 x 107 x 74 cm

CASSINA En Forme Libre

SKU: formelibrecassina
Finishing: madeira de mogno maciça
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